Where Theory and Experience Collide

"I liked that I was working toward a goal that could eventually help patients or at least contribute new findings to get to that goal," said Marianna Liang ’17, who studied the gene mutation that might cause Parkinson’s disease. Today, she’s a research assistant at Harvard Medical School.

Take your learning to an even higher level

As a student at the 网赌上分平台, you will have the opportunity to work closely with your professors in conducting innovative research. 和, you can pursue prestigious – and nationally recognized – fellowships that make it possible to participate in transformational learning experiences.

Students have secured Boren and Fulbright Scholarships as well as research awards from the National Science Foundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and other well-known organizations.

External financial awards – funded by government grants or private foundations – are competitive and reserved for outstanding students only. The University has had much success in placing students in these opportunities for study abroad, 研究生院, 独立研究, 公共服务, 实习, and teaching experiences in the U.S. 和国外.

The Office of 学生奖学金 and 研究 promotes a wide range of external financial awards for outstanding students.

Such awards may be used for study abroad, 研究生院, 独立研究, 公共服务, 实习, or teaching experiences in the U.S. 还是在国外.

These awards may be funded by government grants or private foundations and are generally quite competitive, although the profile of an ideal candidate varies, 取决于奖项. Some are more narrow and specialized within a disciplinary area, while others are much more holistic, seeking well-rounded individuals who can demonstrate talents and experiences well beyond college transcripts and letters of reference.

In addition to the benefits of a significant financial award, these grants and fellowships confer a number of tangible and intangible benefits, some of which are lifelong. The prestige associated with a major national or international fellowship can facilitate admission to top-tier graduate programs, 政府工作, opportunities for work abroad, and access to networks of senior experts.