The Support You Need to Succeed And Excel

The University of New Haven is committed to ensuring all students have access to the resources you need to achieve more you ever thought possible, as students and in all of your post-graduation endeavors.

Reach Your Full Potential

Your college years present a wide variety of new and exciting opportunities – and challenges – for you as a student. The dedicated faculty and staff at the University are devoted to equipping you with the skills to overcome any obstacles you might encounter and to helping ensure you meet your many academic and professional goals.

Our mission is to provide a seamless program of services to support students across your entire academic experience, and our approach is appreciative, 个人, 协作, 和全面的.

Center for Student Success

Meet with academic and success advisers to help create a 个人ized plan to meet your goals


Center for Learning Resources

Work with student tutors or professional staff to master the material you are learning in the classroom.


健康 Professions Advising Center

Interested in become a physician, 医师助理, 物理治疗师, occupational therapist, or related health professional? We're here to make sure you have the 知识, 经历, and support you need to navigate the medical school admissions process.



At the University of New Haven, we take a unique and progressive approach to preparing our students to attend medical school through the pre-medical studies designation. Through rigorous coursework, students will attain the skills, 知识, and abilities to create a strong foundation for their progression into medical school.


Parent/Family Early Alert Program

The Parent/Family Early Alert Program allows coordination between the Center for Student Success' support team and families of University of New Haven students in an effort to be proactive, 支持, and actively involved in the success of our students. 父母 and/or families can use this early alert form to report any concerning or red flag comments, behaviors or incidents involving the University of New Haven students.



Improve and enhance your ability to write clearly and succinctly, a valuable skill for any career path you will pursue.